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Al-Anon Family Groups meet in over 130 countries to help families and friends of problem drinkers recover from the impacts of a loved one’s drinking. Members help each other by practicing the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous themselves, by welcoming and giving comfort to families of alcoholics, and by giving understanding and encouragement to the alcoholic.

Al-Anon Family Groups Background

The assurance of anonymity is essential to Al-Anon’s efforts to help more families and friends of alcoholics. We respectfully ask that no Al-Anon, Alateen, or A.A. speaker or member be identified by full name or picture in published, broadcast, or Internet reports.

Interviews are available by request. Over 14, 000 Al-Anon Family Groups meet every week throughout the U.S. and Canada. Al-Anon members are available in every state and province to participate in anonymous interviews. Special arrangements are also possible for interviewing members in other countries, if arranged in advance.


What do Al-Anon members have to say?

Why did we come to Al-Anon?   Has alcoholism affected your children?   Did we cause our loved one to drink?
What does it mean, our lives became unmanageable?  

 Do you think the drinking is your fault? 

  Why was I afraid to go to my first Al-Anon meeting?
How did I feel at my first Al-Anon meeting?   Do you think the drinking is your fault?   What is the first step in Al-Anon?

What do professionals have to say about Al-Anon Family Groups?

A counselor sees relief for families