Getting off the emotional roller coaster

Although I grew up in an alcoholic home, I truly believed that alcoholism would not be an issue in my life if there were no active alcoholic drinking. I did not realize how much living with the disease of alcoholism as a child would affect my relationships with my children and husband.

I found Al‑Anon when I finally realized I was raising my children on the same insane emotional roller coaster that I had survived. I was desperate for a new way to live.

From the first meeting I attended, I felt at home and safe. I got a Sponsor and worked the Steps. I went to meetings and read the literature.

I came into the program wanting to change the people around me. I realized I was getting healthier when I stopped sitting in meetings and thinking “so and so” should hear this.

The Al‑Anon program taught me to focus on me. I learned that changing my behavior was all I could control in my life. The miracle was that the change in my behavior was the catalyst for change in our family.

By Sheri S., Arizona
The Forum, June 2012

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